Last week, I went to Singapore for Digital Matters and Music Matters from May 20 up to 24. Actually, this is my first time there and it was perfect! I met a lot of people. I met some guys from different digital platforms such as Spotify, Rdio, iTunes, YouTube, KK Box, Omnifone. Each of them since early morning were really busy meeting with music business people from Asia. Because everybody wants to enter this market. Asia is the new hemisphere of business. I also met fellow business guys from Indonesia such as Gumilang Ramadhan (Musica’s Studios), Surjoko and Meidi (Aquarius Musikindo), Yonathan (Trinity Optima Production) and some my former colleague from Universal Music Asia.

What made me surprise is eventually, I met Candra Darusman again, now he’s living in Singapore and works as a Deputy Director for WIPO (World Intelectual Property Organization). We shared a lot about the current business situation in two different countries. I didn’t have a lot time to attend the panel sessions while I’m there. I was really busy to chat with some delegates and speakers either at lobby lounge or the ballroom of The Ritz-Carlton Singapore. My head is full of digital business mindset now and I don’t want to miss anything on this. So I was so picky to choose which panel suits my current journey and I must say, metadata is the panel that I attended and gave me a good understanding.

A month before this event, my friend Benjamin Constantini and Giullaume Crisafulli from Midem were asking my contribution to set up a Midem Panel at Music Matters. Well it’s not happened this year but finally I met Bruno Crolot (The Director of Midem). He has a good leadership and very kind to discuss various matters of music business area. I was happy to connect some local guys to them. I believe with this environment, everybody would have a different strategy exposing their business into multiple platforms on trade basis. Midem is the place to be! Not to forget, I met Jasper Donat also the smart guy behind this Digital Matters and Music Matters.

Not many new faces that I met since my working time at Universal Music Indonesia. Some people who are now sitting at digital platforms mostly worked at labels. So I recognized them all and I aware that this business community is not as big as the sales impact. So everybody should respect each other. Singapore is a modern country and though I hadn’t a lot of time to enjoy this city, but I always learn from them. I went alone to Marina Bay Sands to see how the people connect to branded goods. I like malls a lot and I always visit them in my leisure time. I like the business dynamic there. I like the art of how retailers beautify their outlet.

The last busy day at Music Matters was on Thursday. I finally could take a picture with Seymour Stein (Co-Founder Sire Records) and Stephen King (Former Incognito’s Manager) at the same time. Both are my senior on music business world. I learned a lot from them and they’re really inspiring. They’re not young anymore but they have spirit and objective on how digital music should be treated. I instantly reflect to myself, I’m a young man and living in a early digital scene in Indonesia and of course I have to push myself harder to ¬†understand and monetize what I have in mind. One thing that I also respect is when my new friend Shaane Harjani, Neelam Vaswani, Peter Harjani from Marygops Studio came to the hotel and met me there. It was a great time! @2013 | Aldo Sianturi

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