“Does anyone have info on how I can purchase the debut issue of ROCK & ROLL Magazine, with The Giant Step Mark I’s Bonus CD bundled on the cover? Any help is appreciated.”

I read someone throw this question on social media asking about the new magazine who have just released in Jakarta, Indonesia. By  just reading the magazine name, I surely believe you could smell what’s the content inside. They’re not talking about the euphoria of the second Metallica’s concert in Jakarta but more into local perspective and yes, they’re saved by the release momentum, where everybody are busy expressing their emotion through rock vibes. ROCK N’ ROLL Magazine should be a key resource in your database! Go check their official website on and twitter on @RockandRollmagz.

If you are a fan of a certain genre of music, be it mainstream pop, punk or hip-hop, there are at least a few imported magazines to cater to your taste. The rarity is a magazine that caters to the all-around rock music fanatic and bundled with rarest picture, video or audio and if this periodical magazine would be consistent then they will sitting at the top list amongst other players. This is a pricey publication with a very standard price point; only IDR 39,500, but well worth the money and they have distributed to several key points around the city such as Blok M Square, Music Retail and slowly will be approaching convenience stores.

I don’t have any pre-judgement with the overall design style, but to me this is not new, I instantly associated the media with some imported music magazine such as Rolling Stone, Mojo, Classic Rock and Uncut. Apart from their business strategy, in my humble opinion we need this kind of media to give more people different knowledge about various music information as historically similar type of media were always welcome by every generations. Media should deliver something for everybody’s taste and plenty for people with a wide range of musical taste. The flexibility of the curator would bring any media strongly stands on reader’s mind. This is a creativity,  and ego games. No tabloid trash-talking or finger pointing, just good solid journalism; showing the strengths that makes an icon’s popularity endure, and the bumps in the road that ended the ride.

If you’re a music fanatic, you couldn’t step aside any symbol that lead you to the clear scenario who’s behind the media. On page 5, you can read Bravo Musik is the label name who gave a permission by producing the material. This label is owned by my long-time friend, Hardy Suryabakti. Beside sitting as the owner of a down-to-earth label, he’s also a business man who have a well calculation of any printed projects. I met him a month ago at Golden Truly, Gunung Sahari and heard about this information and yesterday he gave me a copy of magazine at Musik Plus Sarinah, Jakarta. He told me, the delayed of the media release was because the production issue. Last night, we went for a quick dinner and discussed about the upcoming plan and business opportunity he would draw by playing around with fruitful back catalogue. This is another Music Business we all should learn together.

This is a Start-Up and let’s talk about the cost of producing this media are divided by 3 main allocation: Printing, Distribution and Wages. Maybe you don’t care but I do care about media production cost as I started my career as a music journalist. There are some budget has been allocate to arrived on, at least break event point. From my simple analysis, this magazine would not suffer as other today’s media. They only start printed the magazine on 500 copies and with the obscurity, they will arrived on second printed and so on and so forth. This very first edition is a virgin media where there are no product advertisement attached. But you know, those big companies would not just sitting pretty towards this media. Congratulations on ROCK & ROLL Magazine and The Crew! Keep Going! @2013AldoSianturi/Photo: Rock N Roll Magazine

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