Supported by SAE Institute Jakarta, the inaugural “Music HangOut” of Rock With Youth took place on the 1st of June 2013 in what was described by one of the audiences as a “highly informative, inspiring and challenging day of discussion”. This event moderated by Anki Cahyadi and all the basic set-up by RG Perez dan Chesa.

Speakers from across music business disciplines engaged the audience with enlightening success stories sharing on two key topics including Music and Music Business. The list of speakers at this debut event are Mr. Rainier H. Daulay (Music Business Guru), Swamitra Dermawan (CEO Riverbank Agency) and Citra, Sakti, Talia, Amanda, Kyriz, Dhini, Alain, Glim from Black House Project.

First up on the speakers’ panel was Mr. Rainier H. Daulay, he brought the audiences to classic disco history in Jakarta. He started as a disc jockey at his own mobile disco project called “Baden Powell” and has successfully released the legendary compilation under the same title  through Atlantic Record. Around 1984, he started a music distribution called Varia Nada Utama Record and instantly lead the market share with the most famous album called SKJ 84 originally arranged by Nortier Simanungkalit. He continue muscled his profit with some releases of Airo Records (Setiawan Djodi) such as Iwan Fals – Mata Dewa and Swami – Swami (1989).

Following Mr. Rainier was Swamitra Dermawan (CEO of Riverbank Agency), with his sharing on Booking Agent. He learned music business at Berklee College of Music and his passion is to become an outstanding booking agent. Mitra have exposed some local artists such as Slank, Gugun Blues Shelter to U.S market. At Music HangOut, he humbly defined the serious business being a booking agent and the fun side work with musicians around the world. Mitra is really confident with today’s market.

The third sharing on Music Business was delivered by Black House Project. Kharisma Citra highlighted best-practice, pointing out that local musician is still the primary and most effective source of lead generation. She further underlined how networking is applied and further advised that there is more to consider, including the project management. She introduced a bunch of people which consist of their working team and active musicians such as Kyriz, Rhadini and Amanda. Black House Project is a brilliant music business who will expose the honest sideline of each performers. They integrated the audience into their journey by playing project teaser for the first time at Music Hangout.

Feedback from audiences has been extremely positive throughout as many found the speakers to be interesting and engaging, delivering relevant content that can be practically implemented.

A massive thanks to all who were involved, including our outstanding speakers, attendees and partners who contributed to the successful execution of the inaugural “Music HangOut” from Rock With Youth. @2013AldoSianturi

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