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If you don’t know Sofia Rubina by name, you’ve almost certainly heard her voice. She’s my new music friend. I love her voice and I’ve been following her career in the last 10 years. On every song, her consummate artistry spawns a redolent nod to the past while simultaneously creating her own unique and soulful sound. I had an exclusive opportunity to interview her for my blog and I strongly believe, everyone will soon connect with Sofia’s music and profile. She should perform in Java Jazz Festival or Prambanan Jazz Festival. Check her new album too on digital music stores!

Who or what first induce you to the music and when you started being familiar with that?
When I was kid I always liked to sing… and my parents signed me up to music school piano lessons. But beat by beat I realized , that I like much more singing & dancing – rather piano playing… my parents always had a good choice of music at home. Jazz and classical music was playing most of all.

Anyone in your family was a musician?
My mom finished music school, but my mom is psychologist and father scientist.

What was your typical daily practice as a very young vocalist?
I had classical vocal lessons.

Who are your models?
Definitely jazz vocalist like Ella Fitzgerald, Dianne Reeves, Dee Dee Bridgewater… and also soul singers like Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Ledisi… from bands nowadays I like Hiatus Kaiyote, Thundercat. From Indonesian singers I love Dira Sugandi, she is awesome!

Could you please tell me about your albums and the newest one?
I have released 5 albums…

  1. “My Sun” is electronical album with jazz flavor .
  2. “Two Roses” it’s album dedicated to Jewish folk/ jazz music.
  3. “Dreams of Tomorrow” it’s electronical/ funk Album from the times I was studying at Berklee College of music in USA.
  4. “In the land of Oo Bla Dee”- it’s jazz album dedicated to 50’s jazz standards. This album got “jazz album of the year” award in Estonia.
  5. And my latest release is soul album with live band “ Where it begins”…

I was looking about 10 years to record soul album with this band setting and I’m happy we did it this year!                To celebrate this 5th album we also printed limited edition of Vinyls.

In your opinion, being a singer is a profession or a mission?
I think it’s always both… I teach vocal lessons and feel that this is the way how I can give back to younger students who are interested in soul and jazz! I think it’s important to keep tradition! We need to pass it on! My little daughter – her favorite singers are Stevie Wonder & Michael Jackson …:)

You’ve been working with some big DJs who have a big profile on Dance Music scene, how did you connect with them and how many projects you did on that scene?
I did a lot of interesting projects with DJ’s… and it all started from Eric Kupper discovering my song “Make Me Beautiful” from my first album… they did remix of that song and it reached a lot of charts! And from that moment a lot of cool dj just wrote me & wanted to collab! And I never said – no:)… so now I have a lot of cool stuff u can find at Traxsource.com …

I think soulful House suits me well because it’s close to the styles I sing. It has nice gospel/ jazzy flavor!

@2019/AldoSianturi/Photos: Sofia Rubina, Jazzkaar

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